P1060254Based in the East Midlands (England) our Network is focussed on endeavouring to keep our Scotties healthy. We’ll be bringing to you articles of interest relating to Scottie Health which we hope you can benefit from.

Remember always though, that if your Scottie is not behaving in the usual manner, you MUST visit your own vet for a consultation. Thank you for visiting us today.

However, we are greatly interested in your Scotties and really do want to share your stories, as we believe you will be able to help others, and in so doing help our Scotties achieve a healthier lifestyle.

We are working closing with the Animal Health Trust here in the UK, especially with Transitional Cell Carcinoma (Bladder Cancer). We are working on a Preliminary Survey into this cancer which may well lead to a full blown Survey being carried out in the UK.

Scottish Terrier Emergency Care Scheme (STECS) is also working closely with the Animal Health Trust and another Research Facility looking into Elevated Liver Enzymes, and Cushings Disease. If your scottie is currently experiencing either of these conditions, we’d love to hear from you – you may be able to help out with these surveys.

Thank you for ‘dropping by’ today. We hope that you remain in contact with us and share your experiences of living with a Scottish Terrier.


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  1. I have a female scottish terrior 11 years old and my mercerdes is showing signs of having cushing disease…..can you tell me more about this….she has an oppiontment with her vet. On tuesday for more blood work……thanks ms. Becky

    1. I’ve copied one of my links here for you to read. Your Vet will more than likely be aware of Cushings as it is quite a common “disease”. My Finlay has cushings as well as bladder cancer. We had several “blood works” done before the right dosage was determined to treat Cushings – it can be a long process! Take a read of this though, it might help with any questions you have. https://scottishterrierhealth.com/2013/01/21/cushings-disease/

  2. Jackie says:

    How may I add my beloved Scottie Miss Maggie that we lost last March 15, 2013. We had given her the Milo Treats Chicken Jerky never knowing we were harming our 11 1/2 year old girl. She was hospitalized in “end stage kidney failure”-later the news came out about those treats. We brought her home and she lived 2 1/2 weeks longer before that sad terrible day I held her in her blankie as the vet did the humane thing. My husband & I screamed , yelled, cried out to God. Why? Why? And even tho my husband built a tiny coffin – for which we buried her in with her favorite old toy and her baby blanket—we fault ourselves so much. I grieve daily. She was my first dog. She was our girl. We do have a 6 year old female Scottie – Izzy. She grieved with us. I like your site. I wish I had found it a long time ago. Thanks for taking the time to read my message. Jackie

  3. Diane Dees Golden says:

    We have a. 7 year old female Scottie named Addie. I would love to get another Scottie but she can be very jealous. Has anyone had this issue and how did you handle it. Thanks so much.

  4. gcuffee1214 says:

    I’m a new Scottie owner based in the NYC/NJ area of the US. Although I’ve had other dogs from the Terrier family in the past, this is my first Scottie and my first female dog. Her name is Raquel, she will be 8 months old in 2 days. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her, and she is my true companion. Very loyal, very loving and at times VERY jealous of other female dogs, (not human females..lol). Raquel is a true “daddy’s girl”. This is the link to see some of her pictures http://gmoneynyc1.wordpress.com/ and I’m intrested in meeting/frending other Scottie owners. You can find me on Facebook at “Greg Tyrone Cuffee”. BTW, I’m a jazz musician, composer, producer and Raquel just LOVES jazz and contemporary gospel music.

    1. Hi thanks for dropping by. I’ve just visited your page and left you a litttle comment – you have alovely scottie. As we are based in the UK it might be difficult for me to suggest contacts. However, if you “Like” our Facebook page you will find there’s lots of US-based followers that will be more than happy to “friend” you on facebook. Visit our page “Scottish Terrier Health Network” – I’ll be looking out for you.

  5. corkscot says:

    I’m looking for any information on Mitral Valve problems. My 9 year old Scottie was just diagnosed with it and is on medication for it. He is taking 5mg’s of Enalapril twice a day.

  6. Susan Rowland,Los Ranchos nm USA says:

    “Dallas” is my first scottie and hopefully not my last. I ave had other breeds but he is my BFF. He has the skin allergies and at one time on one of his physicals he had elevated liver enzymes and his vet was suggesting a liver biopsy. I got a suggestion from the scottie club of america and started giving him milk thistle. When I took him back for his check up his liver enzymes were perfectly normal, although his vet said that scottie liver enzymes were naturally higher than other breeds. As of this date his enzymes remain normal. (milk thistle can be obtained from a health food store or even from Walmart).

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