Bladder Cancer

Once again, there’s a dreadful amount of scottie owners writing in about Bladder Cancer or technical Transitional Cell Carcinoma. Many owners favour Facebook with their stories, and comments, but often these ‘posts’ are hard to find if you need to refer back to them. So I shall once again start to add back the Facebook posts, so that should anyone need to seek advice or support, it will be more easily found on this site.

So here’s the very latest family, owning a scottie, currently trying to come to terms with this diagnosis …..

If you have a Facebook profile, you can click on the ‘comments’ and read all the replies. If you don’t have a Facebook profile, just ‘contact’ me and I shall collate the responses for anyone who is interested.

Why the Lepto 4 vaccine may be causing problems

Lepto4 Vaccine and possible problems ……

Canine Health Concern

Lepto 4 vaccine: is it worth the risk?

There are safety concerns surrounding the Lepto4 vaccine from MSD (which incidentally contains thimerosal, aka the neurotoxin mercury).

I have to ask why the UK’s Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) would publish details about adverse reactions to the Lepto vaccine during 2014, but lump them in with adverse reactions to core vaccines? Would this be to hide the known safety concerns surrounding the Lepto 4 vaccine?

The VMD 2014 Review of Adverse Events Report states: “for the purposes of this report, we have classified core vaccines as those giving protection against any combination of distemper, parvovirus, adenovirus, parainfluenza and/or leptospirosis. We have done this, as in the UK dogs are almost invariably vaccinated against leptospirosis at the same time as the other diseases, which makes it very difficult to determine which vaccine component is responsible for the signs observed.”

So there’s a new…

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