Ribbon has arrived!!

Bobby displaying “Pride of Bannockburn Tartan”

Our Scottish Terrier Health Network “ribbon” arrived for our Awareness Day. I made Bobby pose to display the tartan we’ve chosen: “Pride of Bannockburn”. He was very good and got lots of treats – he might have to go without dinner.

The next task is to try and make this ribbon or bow a little more permanent. If anyone has any ideas, please feel free to offer up your suggestions.



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  1. Bows are fun to make!!! Is it 5/8 inch ribbon hard to tell from pix.1. cut a piece about 10 inches long – this piece will be the bones of the bow and what you can tie it on with. 2. Loop ribbon in even loops I usually use n uneven number then they fluff out nice -probably about total length 5 inches – so center mark at about 2.5 -lay the loops (holding the center) on top of the cut piece -tie the loops -not tight yet – but so it holds all together -snuggish… even them out then pull tight but as you do – fluff the loops, spread them- when you get them where you like tighten the ribbon and then one more tie (square not)then there should be tails to tie it on a collar or anywhere – then you can remove etc and it will be ready to go again.
    Probably confused you now… ha ha… absolutely love the ribbon colors!

    1. Hi Kate. I’ve read this several times and I think I’ve got it! Will experiment and see what happens – took me hours just to do this one and get a photo. It’s the weekend so what better way than spending it trying to tie bows for my Bobby! I’ll get a photo and post it to show you my attempts! Ha Ha! Thanks for the suggestion – I really appreciate it! Have a greet weekend yourselves!

  2. If you have a nylon collar I have stitched the ribbon one the collar, I love the colors where did you get the ribbon. We had planned on wearing our Mcloud tartan for the day but we like this one a lot

    1. The tartan is “Pride of Bannockburn Tartan Ribbon” from a company in Edinburgh. I purchased the 25mm size – the larger option. Here are their contact details:
      Kinloch Anderson Limited
      Commercial Street / Dock Street
      Edinburgh EH6 6EY

      Web address: http://www.kinlochanderson.com
      here’s the page: http://www.kinlochanderson.com/catalogsearch/result/?order=name&dir=asc&q=pride+of+bannockburn

      Mcloud tartan is more than suitable, don’t go out of your way, please – but I’m glad you like it though, the purples, greens, whites and blues are really representative of the colours of scotland. Enjoy … Kx

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