Ribbon has arrived!!


Bobby displaying “Pride of Bannockburn Tartan”

Our Scottish Terrier Health Network “ribbon” arrived for our Awareness Day. I made Bobby pose to display the tartan we’ve chosen: “Pride of Bannockburn”. He was very good and got lots of treats – he might have to go without dinner.

The next task is to try and make this ribbon or bow a little more permanent. If anyone has any ideas, please feel free to offer up your suggestions.



4 responses to “Ribbon has arrived!!

  1. Bows are fun to make!!! Is it 5/8 inch ribbon hard to tell from pix.1. cut a piece about 10 inches long – this piece will be the bones of the bow and what you can tie it on with. 2. Loop ribbon in even loops I usually use n uneven number then they fluff out nice -probably about total length 5 inches – so center mark at about 2.5 -lay the loops (holding the center) on top of the cut piece -tie the loops -not tight yet – but so it holds all together -snuggish… even them out then pull tight but as you do – fluff the loops, spread them- when you get them where you like tighten the ribbon and then one more tie (square not)then there should be tails to tie it on a collar or anywhere – then you can remove etc and it will be ready to go again.
    Probably confused you now… ha ha… absolutely love the ribbon colors!

    • Hi Kate. I’ve read this several times and I think I’ve got it! Will experiment and see what happens – took me hours just to do this one and get a photo. It’s the weekend so what better way than spending it trying to tie bows for my Bobby! I’ll get a photo and post it to show you my attempts! Ha Ha! Thanks for the suggestion – I really appreciate it! Have a greet weekend yourselves!

  2. If you have a nylon collar I have stitched the ribbon one the collar, I love the colors where did you get the ribbon. We had planned on wearing our Mcloud tartan for the day but we like this one a lot

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