Rosie has a birthday …

Rosie is 11 years old today. Here she is (on the right) with her much younger ‘sister’ Bree. We hope that Rosie had a truly wonderful day and that she was pampered and got whatever she demanded. Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

Happy Birthday Bentley

Bentley celebrates his 6th birthday today. We hope that he is not too demanding of his Mom Diane Hladick, but we do hope that Bentley does have an enjoyable day and gets to do some stuff he might not ordinarily get to do! Who could resist that cheeky face! Happy Birthday Bentley!

Happy Birthday Kylie!

It’s Kylie’s 9th birthday today. We hope that Judi, Angus, and especially Kylie have a great day. Kylie is suffering from TCC so each and every day is more and more precious – although as scottie dog owners we know that each day is precious anyway – but today is a good day for Kylie….

George !

Kelly Schubert’s beloved George is celebrating his 2nd birthday today. Let’s send them both best wishes for a fantastic day. Happy Birthday George, we hope you got lots and lots of treats!

Argyle is 11 today!

Tunia Hyland Harrison’s beloved Argyle is 11 today. We hope that you are very demanding of your Mama, Argyle, and that you get EVERYTHING you want, need and have wished for. Mind you, who could resist that face. Anyway, best wishes for the bestest birthday yet – hope you’ve all had fun!

Declan is 11 today

These are Maggie Anderson’s rescue boys. And today is the 11 birthday of Declan, the adorable black scottie. Maggie has chosen this date because when they came into her life no one actually knew the correct date of their birthdays. Declan, as I’m sure, doesn’t mind, so long as he gets lots and lots of…

A FIRST for Onyx

Yes … Onyx is one today. Can you see a resemblance to our slightly earlier post? Well if you can you’ve guessed right. Onyx is the litter brother to Alex! Wow, it must be hectic in Vicky A Clarence’s house this morning. Anyway Onyx, today is your very FIRST Birthday. We hope that you get…

Alex is ONE

YES, baby Alex has a milestone birthday – he is one year old today. We hope that Vicky A Clarence and her clan, have help Alex to have a great day. No doubt he and his litter brother Onyx have kept everyone on their feet. Happy first birthday little man – here’s to many many…

Olly is 5 today!

Hip Hip Hooray ….. Olly is 5 today! Yay! We hope Beth Woods and he beloved Olly have THE most fabulous day!

Maggie has a birthday!

Today is Maggie’s 7th Birthday. Let’s hope that she is demanding of her Mom Patti Dellett Giampietro and Maggie gets exactly what she wants. Happy Birthday sweetheart, we hope you’ve had a truly grrrrreat day!