Scottie Health Awareness Day …

11th July 2016 is Scottie Health Awareness Day. Wear your tartan with pride, and don’t forget to send us a photo!


Awareness Day

Today, July 11th is our Scottish Terrier Health Network’s Awareness Day. This is only our 2nd Awareness Day and so activities will probably be quite light. However, whatever you do in remembrance of our Scotties please take some photos that we can upload into an Album.

Not sure what we’re going to do. Sadly there’s been far too many beloved Scotties crossing the Rainbow Bridge this year, so I think I’ll take my two Scotties, Bobby and Fabi, for a walk and sit quietly remembering those fallen bravehearts.

In the years to come, lets hope that some of us can get together to celebrate this fabulous breed.

Have a great Awareness Day – much love from Karen, Bobby and Fabi xxxx

Finlay, the inspiration for this Network together with all your own scotties that have succumbed to terminal cancers. We shall Make A Difference

Scottie Health Awareness Day July 11 2013

Here’s just a reminder on the ‘Eve of Scottie Health Awareness Day’ of  some of the things we got up to on July 11th 2013 last year.

Don’t forget, whatever you do tomorrow, please take plenty of photos so we can add to our 2014 Awareness Day Album.

Last year on July 11th, we drove around “The Reiver Trail” and some of these photos are taken from those historic places. Read all about the Reivers by clicking on the above link and see our route.