Yes, Dog Poop – one of our dearest friends posted this on Facebook. It arrived in my Newsfeed as if it knew I’d need to read it. Yes, we’ve been having poo problems with the puppies. The last three weeks have been a nightmare. And yes, before you all start asking, we have been to…

Scotties at high risk of vaccinosis

Sadly I read this weekend that scotties are at high risk of vaccinosis. They appear on the list , compiled by Dr Jean Dodds, of breeds at highest risk of vaccinosis. I’m aware of all the publicity doing the rounds on annual vaccinations, but wasn’t conscious of our precious scotties being on such a list! Dr Jean…


My very own scotties! Thank you, everyone, who responded with support and advice. They seem to be ‘ok’ for now ….

Unusual characteristics

Jim Talbot sent us this report to our Facebook Page … (again if you cannot access Facebook, let us know and we’ll collate the responses for you)  

Bladder Cancer

Once again, there’s a dreadful amount of scottie owners writing in about Bladder Cancer or technical Transitional Cell Carcinoma. Many owners favour Facebook with their stories, and comments, but often these ‘posts’ are hard to find if you need to refer back to them. So I shall once again start to add back the Facebook…

Why the Lepto 4 vaccine may be causing problems

Originally posted on Canine Health Concern:
Lepto 4 vaccine: is it worth the risk? There are safety concerns surrounding the Lepto4 vaccine from MSD (which incidentally contains thimerosal, aka the neurotoxin mercury). I have to ask why the UK’s Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) would publish details about adverse reactions to the Lepto vaccine during 2014,…

Cancer Jab for Scotties

A veterinary surgery in Scotland became the first to offer pioneering cancer treatment to Flora, a scottish terrier, in October last year. Apparently this type of treatment has been available in Germany for many years. You can find the full article here. Edinburgh News