Yes, Dog Poop – one of our dearest friends posted this on Facebook. It arrived in my Newsfeed as if it knew I’d need to read it. Yes, we’ve been having poo problems with the puppies. The last three weeks have been a nightmare. And yes, before you all start asking, we have been to the vets, three times. However, our adult dogs do provide us with healthy poos (as in the first photo shown in the full article) whenever they need to go in our gardens. It’s different though out on a walk, where additional poos get more and more sloppy. Does anyone know the reason why? If so I’d be grateful to read what you have to say.

Anyway, if you’re just about to eat, or have eaten, the photos depicted in Dr Karen Becker’s article are the real thing. But, if you’re anything like me, I’m more than happy talking about dog poo at any time of the day – their poos are a brilliant guideline showing how healthy our dogs are, so why all the “eeeuuuuwww” comments? Lol!!!


Using this link you will be able to read Dr Karen Becker’s full article about dog poo.

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Scotties at high risk of vaccinosis

vaccine dogSadly I read this weekend that scotties are at high risk of vaccinosis. They appear on the list , compiled by Dr Jean Dodds, of breeds at highest risk of vaccinosis.

I’m aware of all the publicity doing the rounds on annual vaccinations, but wasn’t conscious of our precious scotties being on such a list!

Dr Jean Dodd’s report was accompanied by another interesting article in my in-box and that was from Dr Karen Becker – “A hidden Vaccine Side-effects that many pet owners (and vets) never Suspect” – again well worth reading.

My two 14 month old scotties, Tayler and Sparta, are due their first annual ‘boosters’ this month (October 2016) and it worries me significantly as we’ve been put on the Lepto-4 protocol. The adverse publicity surrounding this ‘new’ vaccine, is not only causing me concerns, but many others have voiced their anxiety too.

Annual boosters and vaccinations constantly appear on  Facebook pages and groups and any decision is a worry. Although I’ve added in links here to the newspaper articles published in July 2016, they unfortunately still leave me in the dark as to what is the right and proper decision to take to safeguard my “highly at risk of Vaccinosis” pets.

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