Addison’s Disease ???

Edward asks ….


2 thoughts on “Addison’s Disease ???

  1. Our Scottie, Sophie, was diagnosed with Addison’s disease in August 2016. She was 2 years old at that time. We did not suspect she was sick. She began showing signs of weakness in her back legs. Our primary vet saw her on an emergency basis as it was a Saturday night. The vet felt Sophie was dehydrated and recommended we take her to Michigan State University vet services immediately. As we drove the 70 miles to the Vet hospital Sophie began to have slight ticks as she lay on my lap. By the time we walked into the emergency room she was having severe seizures. She spent the weekend there as they re hydrated, tested and medicated her. The diagnosis was Addison’s Disease. The doctors who first saw her suspected Addison’s immediately, the tests done confirmed it.
    Now Sophie takes a minute amount of Prednisone (1/4 of a 5mg tablet) and every 25 days she receives an injection of Percortin. So far this regiment seems to be doing the best.
    Sophie does get easily stressed, is somewhat hyper at times and also never has much appetite. We know that we can give her an extra dose of Prednisone in stressful times. Our primary vet manages her care and is knowledgeable on the disease and her care.

    1. Addison’s is the opposite to Cushings. I’m pleased that you have got her medicated as I believe, as you say, that it is essential for regular injections to help keep this condition under control.

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