Scotties at high risk of vaccinosis

vaccine dogSadly I read this weekend that scotties are at high risk of vaccinosis. They appear on the list , compiled by Dr Jean Dodds, of breeds at highest risk of vaccinosis.

I’m aware of all the publicity doing the rounds on annual vaccinations, but wasn’t conscious of our precious scotties being on such a list!

Dr Jean Dodd’s report was accompanied by another interesting article in my in-box and that was from Dr Karen Becker – “A hidden Vaccine Side-effects that many pet owners (and vets) never Suspect” – again well worth reading.

My two 14 month old scotties, Tayler and Sparta, are due their first annual ‘boosters’ this month (October 2016) and it worries me significantly as we’ve been put on the Lepto-4 protocol. The adverse publicity surrounding this ‘new’ vaccine, is not only causing me concerns, but many others have voiced their anxiety too.

Annual boosters and vaccinations constantly appear on  Facebook pages and groups and any decision is a worry. Although I’ve added in links here to the newspaper articles published in July 2016, they unfortunately still leave me in the dark as to what is the right and proper decision to take to safeguard my “highly at risk of Vaccinosis” pets.

Daily Telegraph Newspaper

Mail Online Newspaper

BVA response to Newspaper articles


Why the Lepto 4 vaccine may be causing problems

Lepto4 Vaccine and possible problems ……

Canine Health Concern

Lepto 4 vaccine: is it worth the risk?

There are safety concerns surrounding the Lepto4 vaccine from MSD (which incidentally contains thimerosal, aka the neurotoxin mercury).

I have to ask why the UK’s Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) would publish details about adverse reactions to the Lepto vaccine during 2014, but lump them in with adverse reactions to core vaccines? Would this be to hide the known safety concerns surrounding the Lepto 4 vaccine?

The VMD 2014 Review of Adverse Events Report states: “for the purposes of this report, we have classified core vaccines as those giving protection against any combination of distemper, parvovirus, adenovirus, parainfluenza and/or leptospirosis. We have done this, as in the UK dogs are almost invariably vaccinated against leptospirosis at the same time as the other diseases, which makes it very difficult to determine which vaccine component is responsible for the signs observed.”

So there’s a new…

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Vets and Vaccines

Vets and Vaccines : This topic appears more and more regularly as I search the globe for factual reports.  Encouraged in the early days of owning Scottie Dogs, I continue to insure mine, and as a consequence HAVE to have them vaccinated. You might have noted my post of the Facebook Page that I want to take this issue up with the Insurance Companies in the weeks/months to come.

I’ve attached two documents for your consideration. The paragraph below relates to an article I found today, whilst hunting for why insurance companies do what they do, and got sidetracked into reading it. It supports a document I was sent in early February, which is the interview carried out by Dogs Naturally Magazine in March/April 2012. The two articles may repeat each other, but even so, they are both compelling reports. I’m not against Vets, there is a time and a place for them. We need them to be honest to themselves and in turn they should be able to be honest with us because surely, if they keep on helping us to kill our canine companions they won’t remain in business much longer!

the most common and most harmful veterinary practice is over-vaccination.  Not only do the vaccines cause a lot of damage in our dogs, but nearly every vaccine vets give to our dogs is unnecessary.  Pay attention to that sentence:  nearly every vaccine given to our dogs is useless and they get all of the risk and none of the reward.  How could this happen?  How can vets cause so much disease in our dogs without even knowing it?

It’s Friday …. and usually I like to add a little fun into the equation with my Friday Funnies…. but somethings just have to be done – sorry. I’m sure though that I’ll find something to make us all smile before the day is done!

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