Scottie Teeth

Kathleen asks this question …


National Dental Month

In our hunting around the world for health related articles, we stumbled across the fact that February is National Dental Month.

Now we know that dental hygiene is not specifically Scottie related – it’s something all owners should be conscious of. It is often overlooked (us included), but if incorporated into a regular routine, dental hygiene shouldn’t become a serious health issue.

Dependant upon the diet you have devised for your Scottie, you may not need to regularly brush your Scottie’s teeth. For those of us who need to brush our Scotties teeth, we have found just the right Scottie Lad to show you how it’s done.

Take a look at Mac ……. if only my Scotties behaved in such a manner I wouldn’t consider it such a chore …… Thank you to Mac’s owner, Russ, for allowing us to post this video.