Healthier diets

Following on from my post the other day about certain vegetables being back on the menu, I did more research and thanks to Ruffles de Scottie uploading a tasty picture of her meal which included steamed salmon and broccoli, I was reminded that broccoli should be back on the menu as well.

Further research, especially into Liver Cleansing diets, again reminded me that sweet and white potatoes could be included as well – diet ingredients and method to follow, shortly.

It seems, as supported by the Purdue University research, the best vegetables for colonic and bladder nutrition that are likely to be well tolerated are the yellow/orange (carrots, sweet potatoes or yams and yellow squash) and leafy green groups of vegetables (parsley, lettuce, spinach and kale).

My kitchen looks like a steam room at the moment, with carrots, courgette and broccoli all cooling down in readiness for my boys evening meal.

P1060514As usual I would remind anyone experiencing health issues with their Scotties to seek veterinary advice.

Please remember though, Scottie Health is here to share stories about health matters that may appear similar to you own in the hope that should you need to visit your Vet you might be able to mention what other Scottie owners are experiencing. Together, we are “Making a Difference for Scotties“.


2 responses to “Healthier diets

  1. We put a tablespoon of cooked pumpkin in Mac’s food at every meal.  He and his brother, Scooter, who lives across the street love it.  Jacque, the neighbor’s poodle, however is not so enthusiastic.  Must be a Scottie thing!

    Russ Namie –PA,Usa

  2. P.S.  We had Mac tested for allergies four years ago and carrots, corn, soy, beef, brewer’s yeast, and rice are OFF his menu.  Ironically, wheat is o.k.  We went to Acana grain free kibble and lamb, chicken, and bison which we cook for him.  He gets anitgen shots monthly and his skin has been perfect.  The brother across the street is not on this program, and has some skin issues. 

    I made a suggestion to the neighbor that he clean the dogs’ feet each time he takes them out. I have been fanatical about this with Mac, lest he scratch with dirty claws.  I draw the comparison to a person with dirty fingers/fingernails touching or scratching their skin. I know that not everyone would agree, but my motto is, ” You can never be too clean! “  Maybe this comes from working on people in my barbershop!

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