Scottie Health needs you!

P1060260Cushing’s Disease, Elevated Liver Enzymes, and of course TCC’s are high on my agenda at the moment and it seems some of you too are similarly interested. I’ve sourced plenty of material to share, and have been offered articles by other followers of Scottish Terrier Health Network as well. It’s interesting to see slight differences in these articles with some “authors” preferring one particular protocol over another. These choices give everyone the chance to find the right option for them and to be more able to discuss these options with their own vet.

Finlay (my own TCC affected Scottie) is at the Vets tomorrow having a bladder scan, plus his ACTH stim test. The last bladder scan showed a small reduction in the tumour, so I have my fingers tightly crossed for another small reduction tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted.

So, if anyone feels able to share their stories, please get in touch. There are scottie owners out there eager to hear how you have coped and also, wanting to know that they are not suffering alone.

There’ll be no mention of your name, unless you wish otherwise and certainly no disclosure of any other such private information whatsoever.


7 responses to “Scottie Health needs you!

  1. Both Heather and Mr. K experienced extremely elevated liver enzymes within the last year. Mr. K has since made a full recovery but Heather is still fighting to lower hers. It’s been a long road so far but each time she’s tested, they’ve dropped a hundred or so more points. Progress!

    • Glad to read that progress is being made with your beloved Scotties. We’ve finally found a researcher here in the UK willing to carry out tests for Scotties with elevated liver enzymes and I’ve agreed to help collect swabs from our scotties friends – lets hope soon that someone can tell us how to deal with it more effectively. Thanks for dropping by, much appreciated!

  2. I’m very worried because my 6 year old scottie Rupert has high liver levels I took him to the vets with a skin complaint and was expecting some medicated shampoo the vet said his skin complaint was coursed by an under laying health problem and take a blood test , he has since had more blood tests and a scan. And we are now thinking of a liver biosey to try to get to the bottem of why his liver levels are so high I would value input from other scottie owners who may have gone through something simular I look forward to hearing from you with many thanks

  3. Hii, my Scottish Mumu was diagnosed with 90% nodules in his liver. tomorrow he will do computerized ultrasound to find out more precisely. I would like to know how I could help my puppy with therapies and food.
    Thank you all for the attention.
    thank you

    • Hi, thanks for dropping by. If you have more up to date information now that you have visited your vet, please get back to us and we can compose a “Post” that we can place on our Facebook Page in order to help get you the answers you are looking for. Kx

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