New Research into TCC

HELP? …. Please! I need 5, or more, UK based, purebred Scotties diagnosed with TCC/Bladder Cancer to join my own Scottie (Finlay) and take part in research being co-ordinated by the Animal Health Trust. This is to evaluate if Scotties bred in the UK share the same genetic risk factors for TCC as the American Scotties.

I’ve had several email chats with the Head of Molecular Oncology at the Animal Health Trust and met up with him at Crufts last Thursday. Unfortunately the Animal Health Trust is no longer able to distribute swab kits free of charge – there is now a £5.00 fee – however, for this small sample group I am prepared to buy the swab kits myself and if you contact me I shall give you a kit, free of charge: it’s the least I can do for the help you will be giving.

Alternatively you can contact the Animal Health Trust directly, pay your £5.00 and obtain a kit from them.

Please ….. help me to find these few Scotties. If this research helps us identify the triggers for this dreadful disease, these few Scotties I’m looking for will help to “make a difference” for the future of our beloved breed.

If you would like to “chat” in more detail, or in a more private way, you can email me :


Our Scotties really do need to hear from you .....

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