Patch Pop Scotties

P1060579 Saw these ……. and thought of …….. me! If you live in the UK you’ll probably recognise those first few words as they were used in TV commercials for the Royal Mail, trying to encourage us all to send more letters!P1060579P1060578P1060575

Anyway, these are the second lot of cutest scotties I’ve set my eyes on today – discounting my own boys of course and all of your great Facebook photos!

Am waiting for a call from the Vets so decided to cheer myself up by making these little beauties. I purchased them at Crufts on Thursday, from the STECS stall (Scottish Terrier Emergency Care Scheme) – Must put in an order for some more. Go on, jump over and have a look!


Our Scotties really do need to hear from you .....

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