Not so good …..

Finlay wearing his "belly band"

Finlay wearing his “belly band”

I know I shouldn’t be panicking, but I am. We’ve changed medicine for Finlay and he’s now being given Apocaps. We’ve stopped the Metacam. Well I stopped the metacam because the last scan showed that the tumour in his bladder had increased significantly and with permission from the vets, I ordered the Apocaps.

Finlay seems to be having severe bouts of incontinence – he’s wearing his belly band all day – but I’m hoping that this is just a side effect relating to the change in medication.

I’m monitoring him closely this weekend and if I don’t see any significant improvement on the peeing front, I’ll go back to the vets next week.


13 responses to “Not so good …..

  1. Hang in there! When my Piper was going through his fight with TCC, we had wee wee pad sidewalks throughout the house.

    • We might need to do that. At the moment though, when he needs to “go” (because of the pressure of the tumour on his bladder) he’ll just pee right where he is – he just doesn’t have time to get outside. Then the poor little man is so embarrassed he just runs off out the dog flap ‘cos he knows he should be doing it out there! But …. we’re hanging on in there! Thanks for your support. If you have any other advice I’d be more than willing to listen, email me if you wish. Again, thanks!

  2. we along with you are hoping that the change in medication is the cause. I am new to Finlay’s health problem but just from I have read that he has a tumor is a operation out of the question, chemo. I am sorry asking but having just joined the network I don’t know what he has done I just want you to know what we will think positive thought for him. Cheryl and the snotties

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    • His tumour is in the neck of his bladder, the worst place of all! So no operation possible. The choices offered from the vets were Piroxicam or Metacam. As Fin has a sensitive tummy I chose Metacam because it’s less aggressive. The 2nd scan showed decrease in size so I stuck with Metacam, the 3rd scan last Tuesday showed significant increase, so Vets agreed that as Metacam seemed not to work, they allowed me to try the Apocaps. They want to scan him in a month to check tumour, as they haven’t used Apocaps before and they’re willing to see if this can be a possible cancer treatment option. Fingers are tightly crossed that we get through this next month. Thanks very much for your concern – even though many of us will never get to meet each other due to where we live, it does help knowing that there are people like you who care. xxx

    • Our Scotties are far too tough don’t you think. They carry on through thick & thin and we know nothing about it …. until it’s much too late. If I could have just one wish, it would be to be able to communicate properly with my beloved scotties. Dearest ScottieMom, thank you for taking the time out to drop by and pass on your thoughts, it’s much appreciated. I hope Mr K and Heather are doing well.

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  4. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your sweet Finlay. When Duffy was diagnosed with cancer he was only 6 we cherished every day we had with him they are such sweet boys! Our hearts break when any of them are dealing with this illness.

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