Why Do Pets Need Holistic Medicine?

I was recommended the following article to read which I found fascinating. I’m now certainly being more careful with the food I feed my scotties. Exercise has always been high on my agenda; not only it is good for my scotties, but it gets me out and about too. Now, the 3rd point, not to over medicate is a problem for me. I’m not a Vet. Yes, I can read articles like this, and books galore on the subject, but at the end of the day I do run off to my vet to seek assistance. However, since starting this Network I seem to be finding myself reading more and more about the holistic way of treating our pets, and as Dr Royal mentions somewhere in her article, much of the holistic approach is common sense one, and one that has been around for about 1000’s of years



Not to over medicate

Are these the 3 key factors to overall health?

So why do we need holistic and integrative medicine for our pets. I think I should let Dr Royal continue with her report.

Full Interview of Dr Becker with Dr Royal : Why Do Pets Need Holistic Medicine?.


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