One response to “Finlay’s Goodbye Video

  1. Thank you for your touching, beautiful tribute to beloved Finlay. I cried throughout, as it brought back memories of my beautiful, stoic wheaton colored Scotsman, MacGregor, who died almost 2 years ago of TCC, just shy of 9 years old. After a divorce, ‘Greg, acclimated to apartment living quickly. Two weeks after finalizing the divorce, I was laid off from the job I’d held for 13 years, due to the economy. MacGregor gave me a reason for getting up each morning. He saved me, but I couldn’t save him when he fell to bladder cancer. Even as I bawled like a baby while driving him to his last trip to the vet, he sat stoic with his head held high..I will never get over losing him, but I am so grateful to have shared every precious moment of his short life together. About 8 months after MacGregor passed away, I got word of a 4 year old Scottie girl that had been rescued from a Potosi, MO puppy mill by a vet who practiced less than 3 miles from my apartment. Somehow, someway, I believe MacGregor brought us together. .

Our Scotties really do need to hear from you .....

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