14 yrs old today : Jocko



Meet Jocko. He’s 14 years old today. Proudly owned by Hazel Streetmaker.

Let’s all send the very best of wishes to Jocko ……

What a handsome boy.

We wish you a very very happy 14th birthday. Much love from all at ScottieHealth xxxxxx


happy birthday


8 responses to “14 yrs old today : Jocko

  1. Happy biryhday Joko. You’re a very handsom boy, would set you up with Lizzy in a heartbeat

  2. Lost my beautiful Scottie two days ago he too was 14yrs old so a very Happy Birthday to Jocko and I hope many more.

    • So sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved Scottie Barbara. I hope that in time you may be able to take some comfort in that your companion lived to a wonderful age – let’s hope that in the future we shall see Scotties living healthily well beyond the age of 14. Our thoughts are with you during this time.

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