7 days and counting …..

P1060685With just one week to go before the very first Scottish Terrier Health Awareness Day, I sit and contemplate the future our Scotties face.

This very first Awareness Day will, hopefully be celebrated by many followers of ScottieHealth. I hope plenty will be doing so, maybe you’ll be in a group, or on your own with just your scottie(s) as company – as will I – for this first one.

My intention was to plan a Scottie Dog walk, with friends, around our local countryside. We would all wear out Pride of Bannockburn tartan ribbon, and we would discuss how we could start to Make A Difference to the health of our Scotties. Sadly, as mentioned, I shall be further afield than originally planned, but will be celebrating the day in style.

Whatever you do, big or small, in groups or on your own, whether the whole day is given over to it, or just a fleeting thought – it is a start and as Lao Tzu stated “the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” – here’s my ‘one step’


One response to “7 days and counting …..

  1. Mac from Pennsylvania sends a reminder to all of his fellow Scots to take care of their teeth. Brush and floss regularly!

    Mac & Russ

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