Dusty Girl is 5 – yay!

Today, Nancy Horst and her family celebrate the 5th birthday of their beloved Scottie “Dusty Girl”.

She came to them 4½ years ago, due to a change in family circumstances. Nancy and her husband had previously raised Scottie boys, but since her husband had recently retired, Nancy thought Dusty would be a good companion for him. Suffice it to say (but as husbands usually do) he thought Nancy was crazy! However …. yes you can all guess what happened next … Dusty is now his princess!

So, here’s to Dusty Girl’s 5th birthday. We all know she’ll get all the attention she deserves, lots of treats and tummy rubs and everyone will have a fantastic day!

Happy Birthday Dusty Girl

NSHorst Dusty

happy birthday words


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