Fresh Water- there’s nothing like it!

Water – the life giver. Essential for all. Can’t live without it. Fresh Water – there’s nothing like it! Well, how fresh do you think it is. In rummaging around the internet we came across plenty of extremely worrying articles about the “stuff” we give our dogs, but for today we’re starting with Water.

Whilst the articles in our “further reading” section are solely related to us human beings, dogs and humans do share very similar physiological aspects. It is also well known and documented that canine cancer treatments are derived from research carried out on, and medicines given to us human beings. So, if it transpires that we, as humans, can suffer cancer from our drinking water, what’s to say that our canine companions don’t.

“In 2008 investigative reporters from the Associated Press published a series of articles about the water we drink. In their investigation they found that at least 46 million people in two dozen major metropolitan areas are drinking water with minute amounts of pharmaceuticals. According to the series, small amounts of prescription drugs have been found, including still-active hormones from birth control pills, chemotherapy agents, and antidepressants, among others” reports Dr Dressler in his e-book “The Dog Cancer Diet”.

How do we overcome this issue. We all need water. Dr Dressler has not has not found any direct evidence of fluoridated water causing bone or any other cancers in dogs, but his recommendation is that as there appears to be some evidence of this it would be wise to avoid giving fluoridated water to dogs with cancer.  And how do we do that – well, one answer is to drink filtered or purified water. Let’s hope there’s nothing nasty lurking in purified water!

Dr Dressler’s e-book is extremely useful and we’ll be showcasing a few more topics from it over the course of the coming weeks, but it you wanted to download it for yourselves – I’m sure he wouldn’t mind!

Further Reading

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