A new blood test may detect cancer in “mans best friend”

Starting today, and each Saturday here on in, we hope you bring you interesting and forward thinking health articles. Not all of them will be directly relating to our beloved Scotties, but where research has been carried out on certain breeds, we can only hope that it will help the rest of ‘canine-kind’.

This one we found particularly interesting. The hope being that as Scotties are prone to some very nasty diseases, that eventually this test will cascade down to those breeds more at risk of developing cancers.  As Dr Becker reports, and as we’ve often said ourselves, we don’t aim to frighten, but to simply provide worthwhile information that you can take to your Vet.

In this report you’ll find that scotties are more at risk of the following cancers :

Scottish Terrier Mast cell tumor, Melanoma, Histiocytoma, Sq. cell carcinoma, Lymphoma, Primary brain tumor

Some of these we shall investigate further and report on them in due course.

However, rather than re-type all the report that Dr Becker and her team have uncovered, please grab a coffee, click on the link and read through the document.

New Blood Test


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