Diets for our Scotties

carrots broccoli courgettesThere’s been a lot of “postings” recently about nutritional foods for our Scotties. Facebook ‘comments’ don’t really give us a lot of space to explain what nutritional diet each of us has adopted. I therefore want to be able to provide you with the opportunity to express in greater depth your own scottie diets that are working for you.

There are so many people out there just wondering what to do for the best, so I would really like it if you would be willing to share what your scottie eats.

Not everything is suitable for every scottie, but I’ve learnt a lot myself by just reading what you all feed your scotties and I’ve been able to amend and tweak my diets to my scotties’ benefit – perhaps you could help someone else do the same.

Send me an example of say, a day or a week’s diets, perhaps with photos and over the next months, we’ll share. I know some of you prefer anonymity so we’ll not mention names, unless you’d like us too. So if you’re willing to share some of your thoughts on diets, please send your email to me at



2 responses to “Diets for our Scotties

  1. You may recall from an earlier post that we had our Mac tested for allergies.  This proved to be a good idea.  For example–I had been giving him small pieces of carrot for treats and he tested allergic to carrots!  Ironically, he is NOT allergic to wheat and that as you are well aware is one that many critters ARE allergic to.  The test showed high reactive numbers for soy, brewer’s yeast, beef, corn, and RICE which was an ingredient in the high end food we were buying! He had some borderline numbers for other food items.  They also tested for environmental allergens and he is reactive to some of those.

    We switched to a grain free food–Acana— which is marketed by Champion Foods of Canada.  We weigh out the kibble ( 50 grams twice a day ) and add to that 25 grams of lamb, salmon, bison, chicken, or turkey that his Mom cooks for him.* He gets fragments of shredded wheat cereal biscuits and small pieces of veggies that he is o.k. with and maybe a little cheese but we monitor closely.

    *  SHE cooks for him, if fortunate I get some of the leftovers!


  2. Mac will be 7 on the 14th April.  This picture was taken during his first year with us.

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