Your Doggie Diets

With very kind permission from our dear friend, Pan Tau, he has allowed us to share a small part of his daily diet and routine.

Pan Tau gets 60mg Vetoryl per day (tablet) for the Cushings and a a powder called Bisolvon that we sprinkle over his food, twice a day for the lung fibrosis. However, there is very little one can do for the lung fibrosis, and it is deteriorating, sadly. He is in his 3rd year with Cushings now. He has an appetite like a horse, his coat is beautiful and black, but he is is slowing down. Long walks are no longer possible but he still enjoys going out, so we put him in a special doggy stroller, and he can get in and out when he wants. We lost his sister to cancer 3 years ago, she was only 10.

What a Scottie! Pan Tau, we all love you loads!


2 responses to “Your Doggie Diets

  1. 10 seems to be the magical age for cancer in Scotties. One of ours is also 10 and has recently been diagnosed with bladder cancer. It’s so sad because he is otherwise in perfect condition. Breaks my heart.

  2. My Roger was diagnosed with stomach cancer at 8.25…he was gone in less than a month. It is terrible to love a breed with a short lifespan. Before that month…he was in perfect health. He was still gorgeous when he died. After all the tests, there was no good option and he was starving himself to death. 24 hrs after the ultrasound I had to let him go. Devastating. Still…even over a year later….I am struggling to understand why….

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