To Shave or not To Shave

“The act of shaving a double coat removes the dog’s natural insulation and causes his system to kick into high gear. He’ll now produce coat to protect himself from extreme temperatures, sunburn and sharp objects. “ …….. if your sole motivation for shaving your dog in the spring is to “keep him cool,” you need…

Archy Scottie

Archy Scottie, prints from Etsy Gifts ideas, not just for Christmas, but what better way than  start now and treat either yourself or a good friend to an Archy Scottie print!

Hallowe’en Competition 2014

Those of you who follow our “blog” this is a timely reminder of our forthcoming fun and friendly 2014 Hallowe’en competition. If you would like to participate, send us a photo of your scottie in his/her Hallow’en fancy dress and we’ll pop it into the Facebook Competition. Send photos to Below is the Hallow’en…

Arlo has a birthday

Arlo is 4 today. We’re sure that Rich Chambers, Abby and the birthday boy Arlo will be having the most FAN=TAS-TIC day! Hope you have a grrrrrreat day Arlo!

Abby Birthday!

Have a ‘Abby Birthday’ Abby! Yes today is Rich Chambers’ adorable little girl’s birthday – she is 5 today. Happy Birthday Abby – hope you have a grrrreat day!

Your Doggie Diets

With very kind permission from our dear friend, Pan Tau, he has allowed us to share a small part of his daily diet and routine. Pan Tau gets 60mg Vetoryl per day (tablet) for the Cushings and a a powder called Bisolvon that we sprinkle over his food, twice a day for the lung fibrosis….

Scottie Creed

Reproduced with the kind permission of ScottieMom – thank you! Check out their Facebook page too! There is a moment in time where every Scottie Mom (and Dad) realizes just how deeply they care for their beloved fur kid. Whether it is the first time the pup was spotted at a shelter or after that devious Scottie…