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  1. We are a Scottie family. We lost our 11 1/2 year old Maggie last March 15, 2013. It will soon be a year. The grief we experienced was horrible. We have are fortunate to have our 6 year old Scottie- Izzy. She grieved with us. We are always sad to see when a precious Scottie has gone to Rainbow Bridge. Our Maggie was born Christmas Day 2001. So this past Christmas was sad. Our thoughts to everyone- The Sullingers

    • I’m so very sorry to hear of your devastating loss. I would be honoured if you’d like to send me a photo of your beloved Maggie, so that I can include her in our Rainbow Scotties. I’ll understand if the pain is still too strong to handle this – I know how grief affects us all in different ways, having sadly experienced it far too many times myself.

      Thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart for your message. I hope that Izzy is doing well. I had an Izzy, she was the mother of the scottie boy I still have – he was 11 years old on 14th February 2014, and is sleeping at my feet in his doggie bed as I write!

      If you are able to send photos you can send them to scottiehealth@scottishterrierhealth.com. I hope to hear from you soon.

      Regards, Karen Elkin xxxx

      • Thank you- (as tears still fall on my cheeks). Our private candlelit service was just beyond amazing. My hubby put 11 little teal lit candles for each birth year. We lit them. I laid a spray of Red Magnolias beside her granite headstone. We’ve placed beautiful Crystal rocks all around her gravesite. I have glow in the dark Angels too. My Hubby and I talked about our very first day, back in early 2001 when we drove to get her. She was the “Runt” of the bunch and nobody wanted her. We did. She was so tiny and scared. I had bought soft receiving blankets to wrap her in to keep her warm and close. Those same blankets are in the casket Hubby made for her.

        Maggie was different (but most people say that). She would greet you at the door then go lay down in front of the fireplace. Never pestering for meal leftovers or begging for extra attention. She was just happy to be in our family. And each Christmas Day (her birthdate) we let her open her gift. She new it was hers and never bothered it days in advance- until we said “where is your Birthday Present?”

        She loved traveling with us always sitting on middle section of our truck as we would pull our Travel Trailer to various camping places in USA. She showed her tricks to camping strangers made friends and just wanted a pat on the head.

        Our 6 7r. old Scottie – Izzy (short for Isabelle) grieved for a long long time. I was worried. She wouldn’t eat. Then one day I said “let’s go see where Maggie is resting.” She scrambled to her bowl of food and. “aaaaroooo” at me when she was ready to go.

        I think this year was my hardest. Even tho we have Izzy, she isn’t Maggie. I know in my heart that she is my Guardian Angel/Dog. If God creates Animals surely there is a real place for all our pets. I’ve read the Rainbow Bridge Poem. It’s nice. But- I still think God knows how we ache and break in our hearts for our furry babies and maybe an Angel is assigned to them.

        Thank you again for taking the time to read my messy tearful eyes typing.

        God Bless Everything You Do– Jackie Sullinger-who misses Miss Maggie still

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  2. We just lost our beloved Scooter on Tuesday Sept. 16th. I still look around the house for her. So difficult to imagine her being gone. She was 14 1/2 years old. Even though she lived a long life it is still so difficult to be without her. She had TCC and did her best but in the end it took her.

    • So very sorry to read about the loss of your beloved Scooter. TCC is such a dreadful diesease, taking far too many scotties – hopefully one day we may be able to control this cancer. Please send me a photo when you are able to as I would like to include her in our Rainbow Scotties album. Kx

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