A new Cushings Test

A diagnostic test on dog hair has been found to provide a good indication of Cushing’s disease.

A fascinating article in ‘Horse Talk’ reports that Austrian researchers have found that analysis of dog hair can provide a quick and reliable way to diagnosis an animal with Cushings.

Horse Talk obviously is interested in Horses, but the research being carried out in Vienna has been on dogs, and this article is worthy of a read.

Read more: http://horsetalk.co.nz/2013/07/20/cushings-disease-research-dogs-hair-test/#ixzz2tlfM1gO9
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This will be something I shall take up with our Animal Health Trust here in the UK.


One response to “A new Cushings Test

  1. My Glen of Imaal Had Cushings, it was eventually diagnosed after some time as he had testicular cancer which was successfully treated by surgery. Our vet thought he had thyroid problems but that was negative so he tested for cushings and bingo! He was on heavy drugs but lives for 4 years and 2 months after diagnosis, we lost him last July 4th and I still miss him so much. I hope that this test will make diagnosis quicker for everyone so that their pets can have the medication they need.

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