Your doggie diets

Another excellent menu offered up here and one that looks like it’s helping this little old lady. Thanks Diana for sharing this!

I am fostering a 12 yr old lady!  Her name is Sky Baby, I got her  February 2013. When I got her, she weighed 21 lbs, had a skin infection, ear infection & UTI.  By May, she weighed 16 lbs.  she is a very petite Scotty.  Her tummy almost touched the ground when she walked!  Two weeks after I had her, she was diagnosed with lymphoma. This Christmas she was unofficially diagnosed with Cushings Disease.
The rescue & vet can’t believe she is still with me!  I put her on grain free food, and this is her diet.
Dry kibble
1/2 tsp of coconut oil
3 heaping tsp of vanilla yogurt
1/8 apple cut up.

I alternate the yogurt and apple for her breakfast!

Dry kibble
1/2 tsp coconut oil
No salt green beans
No salt carrots
Sweet potatoes

I cut up about 5 green beans & carrots.  I also alternate the veggies. I give her cooked or raw broccoli. With the pumpkin & sweet potatoes I give her 2 tsp.

See how easy it is to share your doggies diets with us. So come on, send us yours. You might just help someone decide to change the diet of their scottie and make a difference to it’s health! If like to share your menu or feeding regime, just drop us a line 


3 responses to “Your doggie diets

    • Protein. Since we’ve gone grain-free, Declan’s almost constant scratching is gone. I am wanting to know, though, how you put the coconut oil in their food since it’s solid. Thanks!

  1. Hi – having read this, as well as hearing recently about the many benefits of coconut oil, I bought some today. Wondering how you add it to their food since it is solid at room temp. Microwave it a bit or what? Thanks!


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