Atopica: A Dangerous Path to Take

The truth is that many veterinarians, both holistic and conventional, shiver with dread when they contemplate this product called Atopica.   One of my clients – a nurse – contacted me after her veterinarian had suggested Atopica.  She explained to me the strict rules and protective actions that a nurse needs to take when administering cyclopsporine, (which is the active ingredient in Atopica) to human patients were enough to make her very wary of using the product on her dog.

You can read the whole of this article from the Dogs Naturally Magazine here

You all know that by now we at Scottish Terrier Health are not here to cause controversy or to create fear. We provide factual information for everyone to read and to discuss with their vets. When we share and discuss issues our scotties are undergoing, medical treatments that are working, we might even be able to collate data to indicate what’s good or not. However, we all also know that what treatment works for one scottie, may not help another. There has been success for some using Atopica.


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