Chew-Resistant Dog Bed

orvis dog bedNot quite a “nutritional diet” but we all know that our scotties can be quite the “little devils” when it comes to putting “stuff” into their wonderful little mouths!

I’m sure plenty of you have had ‘a moment or two’ or a ‘heart-stopping’ second of panic when you’ve wondered just what they’ve swallowed.

Well, here’s a dog bed that apparently ‘chew-resistant’. You can find this dog bed at Orvis UK (I’m sure they’ve got sites globally). The beds are not cheap, but then a visit to your vet with your scottie isn’t cheap either.

Sadly these are out of our price range, but if there’s a scottie out there who has actually tried and tested these ‘chew-resistant’ beds, then let us know what you think, and we might change our minds.

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