Your Doggie Diets

Thanks Wilda for sharing this – sounds like your fur babies are really eating a healthy balanced diet.

Louie ( 10 months old) eats Wellness dry Puppy with home made poached chicken breast cooked with carrots and stringbeans all chopped up together like a stew with some of the chk broth….Lucy eats the same only mixed with Wellness Adult small breed. They absolutely love it and lick their bowls across the floor, lol. Boy Oh Boy are our fur babies spoiled!

See how easy it is to share your doggies diets with us. So come on, send us yours. You might just help someone decide to change the diet of their scottie and make a difference to it’s health! If like to share your menu or feeding regime, just drop us a line 


4 responses to “Your Doggie Diets

  1. Our Abby eats Blue Chicken and Brown Rice with home cooked roasted chicken and carrots. Sometimes I mix with grilled chopped meat to remove excess fat. When she finishes she pushes the empty bowl all over the kitchen. My other 3 dogs ( 2 Japanese Chins and 15 year old Shih-tzu eats the same thing).

  2. Just a little something to keep in the backs of minds on diets: Remember to get your annual total body function blood work!

    It’s amazing what improvements you can see with supplementing home ingredients with kibble, or even going 100% home made, but if done wrong, as in nutrients aren’t balanced, it can go south. Draw blood and monitor!

    7 of 12 on Homemade, the other 5 on kibble and fresh. A couple, based on blood work, had to be adjusted a little to avoid problems down the line.

  3. We had Mac allergy tested and found that he was allergic to beef, soy, corn, carrots, and RICE of all things. We found a grain free food made in Canada. Champion Foods markets under a couple of names including Acana–grain free. We use ” Grasslands ” which is based on lamb and ” Pacifica ” which is based on fish. His mom also cooks bison, lamb, turkey, and chicken for him. We weigh the food at every meal–50 grams of dry and 25 grams of meat. He has done marvelously on this and the allergies seem to be kept at bay. RgN
    Pennsylvania USA.

  4. Our Mac was allergy tested as a pup. He is allergic to a variety of foods including beef, soy, corn, carrots, and of all things, RICE. We use Acana grain free which is made in Canada. The parent company is Champion Foods. We cook lamb and bison for him and weigh everything. The allergies have been kept at bay and his weight has been steady. RgN Pennsylvania, USA

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