Your Doggie Diets

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In researching healthy snack alternatives for our two Scotties, I came across this article on Animal Planets web site. We have a small steamer that make cooking small portions of the raw veggies easy. I’ve found they easily eat apple if it’s sliced with the stem and seeds removed. Tonight they split an orange but I found I need to cut the slices into more manageable bite size pieces or they just chew on it up, then leave it on the floor. Their base diet is Blue Buffalo Wild and they also get a NuVet chewable vitamin daily. Since I have questions about the local water quality and Scotties are prone to some cancers, they also get bottled water. Yes they are spoiled Scottie dogs but I bet many who read this spoil their Scotties in similar ways. At any rate, here’s a link to the article some might find helpful.

2 responses to “Your Doggie Diets

  1. Our Scottie has several food allergies. We found success with Acana grain free which is produced in Canada. We also cook lamb and bison for him as he is allergic to beef. All food is weighed so the allergies and his weight are under control. His brother lives next door and does not receive antigen injections nor does he eat the same food. He has significant skin problems. RgN 4-15-14

    • barberruss1, how much food do you give your Scottie? I have to start a home-cooked diet for mine because she’s allergic to any grain you can think of, and I have no clue what’s the ratio between their weight and the weight of the food. She weighs 8.5 kg and is a year old. Thanks!

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