Your Doggie Diets

Thank you Olivia for this – I too prepare a homemade diet, but I’ll be checking out the website you mention!

A little over a mont ago I decided I wasn’t going to feed my beloved Scottie crunchier from a bag anymore… Whether it’s Purina, IAMS, Blue Buffalo, etc. no crunchies are good enough for my Turk! He’ll turn 2 next month so I figure it’s perfect timing! I did research, asked other Scottie parents and I found the BEST website for homemade dog food recipes at You sign up for free, enter your dogs breed, weight, etc and you can search and select to check out lots of homemade dog food recipes! So far I have made Turk two roasted chickens the first with squash and the second with broccoli. This week I made him lean ground beef (95/5) with carrots and corn! Some people think it’s going to be too much work or that it’s over the top to cook your dogs food homemade but I’ve found it’s cheaper and Turk has never loved waking up to eat his breakfast more than he does now!!! No added salt, preservatives or other garbage! I really try not to put processed foods in my body so why would I want to feed Turk the processed stuff I don’t even want to eat??? I cook one huge batch that lasts for two weeks!!! Bon appetite!


Our Scotties really do need to hear from you .....

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