Breeding for the Future

In my search for an understanding of why our Scotties are so susceptible to TCC/Bladder Cancer, I’ve trawled website after website and read plenty of articles, contacted ‘people in the know’, bashed a few heads together and just recently stumbled upon The Institute of Canine Biology. This is their brief intro ….

Breeding for the Future Program
ICB officially launched the Breeding for the Future program in June 2014, with the goal of assisting breeders in implementation of modern, scientific principles in their breeding programs. ICB is providing courses, written materials, computer simulations, and videos.

In addition to breed-specific groups that will be working to educate breeders and compile a global pedigree database back to founders, the ICB Health Chairs group will be working on developing strategies to keep breeders up to date with the latest research and veterinary developments, and also interfacing with the ICB DVMs and ICB Geneticists groups.

I have been given permission to reprint articles, and they have kindly established our own group “ICB Scottish Terrier : Breeding For the Future” . If you want to join me and work with ICB to learn about and use modern, scientific principles of animal breeding and genetics in our breeding programmes with the goal of improving the quality and health of purebred dogs, please contact me and let me know how you can help.



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