Elevated Liver Enzymes

In 2006 the College of Veterinary Medicine, Michigan State University, carried out tests entitled “Serum alkaline phosphatase activity in Scottish Terriers versus dogs of other breeds“, the main objective being “To determine whether Scottish Terriers have higher serum alkaline phosphatase (ALP) activities and a higher prevalence of diseases commonly associated with high serum ALP activity than do dogs of other breeds” Their Conclusions and Clinical relevance stated “Results suggest that Scottish Terriers have higher serum ALP activities than do dogs of other breeds. Although Scottish Terriers also have a higher prevalence of diseases associated with high serum ALP activity, this alone did not explain the higher mean serum ALP activity in the breed.”

Elevated Liver Enzymes. Yes we’ve all been told our Scotties have them. However there doesn’t seem to be anything the Vets can do. Nor do they know, or understand why Scotties have them.

To read the report full click here : Elevated Liver Enzymes


4 responses to “Elevated Liver Enzymes

  1. We have have been hit with the news of elevated liver enzyme’s. Both Maggie and Duncan have had no health problems their entire 10 years. Maggie’s liver is on the verge of not functioning. Maggie also has had massive amount of struvite stones in her bladder as well as more crystals forming. Duncan might be saved for a little while longer. Dunkin also has large amounts of struvite crystals in his urine. We went in to do routine bloodwork because they are aging we wanted to have a baseline to use as they get older. After many tests we still have no firm diagnosis of exactly what is causing any of it. We are totally devastated and blindsided. That we might lose both of them at the same time. They are not littermates, but half siblings so they have been together their entire lives. It seems that now they will be together from cradle to grave. We just were not prepared for them to have such a short life. Our last Scotty passed with Cushing’s past her 15th birthday.

  2. I have Douglas an 11 yr old Scottie he is my pride and joy. The vet can not figure out why his liver is enlarged
    they have done the Cushings disease blood work and it is negative still working on other options. I lost his half
    bother 2 years ago to cancer it is very hard to keep a happy face and hope they will come up with a solution

  3. This is my 3rd Scotty, he is 13 years old & has lost 13lbs & sleeps 23 hours a day, the Vet says he has elevated enzymes in his blood work, he is now on antibiotics & anti nausea meds, has been refusing foods of all kinds, this AM got him to eat a little roast beef, after loosing so much weight can his health be reversed??

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