Understanding the Liver

This was recently posted on our Facebook Page, but as it’s so difficult to search for posts on Facebook, we continue to transfer the more important aspects of canine health onto our website. Elevated Liver issues are a predominant feature for the Scottie in the vets consultation room, so this will be of particular interest…

Your Doggie Diets

Thank you Rose  and your beloved Scottie “Rosy” for sharing this …. Great news…my girl Rosey (10 year old with bladder cancer and a brain tumor) had been on chemo drugs that caused her liver values to skyrocket. We took her off the chemo and put her on liver cleansing diet and liver support pills….

Elevated Liver Enzymes

For ease of searching our records for illness associated with our Scotties, we shall be transferring the “Health” questions from Facebook onto our website. Clicking on the comments will take you to the Facebook page.

Feeding the Fragile Scottie Liver

Feeding the Fragile Scottie Liver Written by Annie Bringloe for Great Scots Magazine, Jan/Feb 2006, pg. 32-33, and reproduced with the kind permission of Joseph Harvill, editor, owner, publisher, Great Scots Magazine The liver is an amazing, almost magical organ. It carries out approximately 1,500 biochemical functions such as metabolism of drugs, removal of toxins…

Elevated Liver Enzymes

In 2006 the College of Veterinary Medicine, Michigan State University, carried out tests entitled “Serum alkaline phosphatase activity in Scottish Terriers versus dogs of other breeds“, the main objective being “To determine whether Scottish Terriers have higher serum alkaline phosphatase (ALP) activities and a higher prevalence of diseases commonly associated with high serum ALP activity than do…