Understanding the Liver

This was recently posted on our Facebook Page, but as it’s so difficult to search for posts on Facebook, we continue to transfer the more important aspects of canine health onto our website.

Elevated Liver issues are a predominant feature for the Scottie in the vets consultation room, so this will be of particular interest for all of us – so thanks again to Dr Karen Becker for making it easier for us to understand what we’re being told when confronted with elevated liver issues in our scotties.


Your Doggie Diets

Thank you Rose  and your beloved Scottie “Rosy” for sharing this ….

Great news…my girl Rosey (10 year old with bladder cancer and a brain tumor) had been on chemo drugs that caused her liver values to skyrocket. We took her off the chemo and put her on liver cleansing diet and liver support pills. Two weeks ago her ALP was 17,000 ….when we retook her blood on Monday it went down to 1,370 and her ALT was 890 now down to 702. Remarkable change so far…just pray it continues to improve. So happy that the liver seems to be stabilizing some. Her diet is Urban Wolf (mixer) and eggs as the protein source. I can say that it does work.

See how easy it is to share your doggies diets with us. So come on, send us yours. You might just help someone decide to change the diet of their scottie and make a difference to it’s health! If like to share your menu or feeding regime, just drop us a line scottiehealth@scottishterrierhealth.com