Bobby’s “bits”

Sparhawk Scotties

Thought we’d fill you in on Bobby’s little “health issue”.  It’s a long-ish story, so get a slurp of water and a bone to nibble on whilst you read!

A couple of Thursdays ago, he wouldn’t come out of the bedroom for his breakfast and when he eventually did, he just turned his nose up and waddled back. This is not like Bobby at all. He likes a good morning fuss and then his breakfast – well nothing of this kind was happening on that Thursday. To coax him out of the bedroom several hours later, he was offered some freshly cooked rice mixed with a fresh portion of Cod. Well. He woofed that down like he’d never been fed …. and then wandered back to the bedroom – still not quite right.

During the course of the day and throughout the weekend the Bobby we all know and love…

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