Finlay’s Belly Band!

Finlay wearing his "belly band"

Finlay wearing his “belly band”

When Finlay needs to “pee” he really needs to pee – a symptom of TCC. On the odd occasion, this burning desire to pee has resulted in him “doing it” right there, where ever “there” might be.

So on checking the web for “incontinence pants” for dogs, I saw several. Initially I tried getting him into “huggies” or  “pampas” but he just looked like a baby chimp with a nappy on! Far too much laughter about the place and with Finlay being a senstive guy, we decided against that choice. So returning to the web, I considered the “band” type of pad. It seems that you just insert a nappy liner and place it around the stomach of the dog, ensuring the relevant “bits” are covered. I was just about to purchase one, when I thought I’d try and make one – and I did.

Using an old black towel, some very strong velcro and cutting up the “huggies” to make a liner, I placed this “belly band” around Finlay – and hey presto! it worked.

He doesn’t wear it all the time, only when we are all relaxing on the settee, or getting ready for bed. He jumps in and out of the dog flap, trundles around the house and doesn’t appear bothered by his “belly band”.

You can read Finlay’s own comment on his “belly band” here


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