William. Born 12th February 1999, helped across the Rainbow Bridge, with his doting Mum and Dad by his side on 28th February 2012 at the grand age of 13 years and 16 days.

William.  A delight and treasure for his Mum and Dad. An ever present figure to look up to for his “niece” Poppy. A larger than life character who was extremely popular in his neighbourhood. Everyone knew William. Everyone misses William, none more so than his Mum and Dad.

This gallery of images doesn’t do justice to the life of the Scottie called William. There should be 13 pictures, but this is an unlucky number. Perhaps in your own way, after reading this you will be able to create that final image of this wonderful little Scottie called William.

His Dad misses his “little chuzza-man”.
His Mum still desperately misses her “star man”
….. and Poppy no doubt misses her Uncle.


12th February 1999 – 28th February 2012

A loyal companion is hard to find, hard to lose and impossible to forget


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Russell G. Namie says:

    Deepest sympathy from Mac and his Mom and Dad in Pennsylvania

  2. Rozana Sharp says:

    rest well, William, we will all see u on the other side of the bridge, when it is our time

  3. Bill says:

    Rest in peace wee Willie my condolences to his Dog Mum&Dad. :(….

  4. alc22a says:

    R.I.P. sweet *William* xoxoxo

  5. Cherish, love and hold close the 12 years you had with him it was a great gift that will bring smiles when the pain eases. Scottie loves and hugs from the Snottie Scottie’s

  6. Anonymous says:

    Thank you all for your kind comments. They mean such a lot to us. We were so honoured to have such a wonderful boy come and live with us and he will now live on forever in our hearts.

  7. ScottieMom says:

    So sorry to hear about sweet William. My heart goes out to you…from one Scottie Mom to another (and Scottie Dad).

Our Scotties really do need to hear from you .....

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