Kennel Club PureBred Health Survey

Whilst looking for statistics gathered by  the Kennel Club on a completely different matter, I stumbled across this report on the internet. The figures are once again depressing. Yes I know the numbers of scottie owners  who took part in the survey were low, however, if we continue not to get involved in surveys, or to contribute to research on the health issues our Scotties are affected by, then these figures will always be low and the general public will really begin to believe that the Scottish Terrier has a very bad health record.

Yes, it maybe a  “nuisance” or “intrusion” trying to gather swabs, fill in forms and send them off to the relevant research laboratory, only to find that several years go by without any further communication from the Labs – but these things take time, years maybe, to gather. But from these reports we should be able to figure out where or how we can start to “make a difference”.

I was recently introduced to this quotation of Edmund Burke:

No greater mistake was ever made than the man who does nothing because he can do only a little.

If we all “do only a little”, but work together at it, surely there’s hope to reverse some of these appalling statistics associated with our beloved Scottish Terriers.


Our Scotties really do need to hear from you .....

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