Natural Anti-Cancer Protocols for Dogs

When a dog is fighting cancer, the first concern is to get the immune function back to normal.  The next most important issue is diet. A dog with cancer is building a lot of new tissue, and adequate proteins and cell membrane compounds (omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids) are required to do this. When the adequate amounts of the correct proteins and fats are not present in the diet, the body will rob it from other places, leading at best to muscle wasting, but more likely complications with the functions of the kidneys and liver. This can lead to kidney and liver failure, which is something your poor dog does not need on top of the cancer. Fortunately, these secondary liver and kidney complications can usually be avoided by watching the dog’s diet.

For me, having nearly made a decision to change the diet of my Scotties, it is satisfying to read more and more articles convincing me that my choice might well be the right one. Changing the diet of your scotties might not suit everyone, but ScottieHealth is not here to promote just one way of doing things. It’s aim it to provide a wide and full range of options for you, the scottie owner to consider.

So if this particular article doesn’t “float your boat”, don’t just turn away from us, because my hunt for articles that may benefit the health and welfare of Scotties continues with a vengeance.

To read the whole of the article on “Natural Anti-Cancer Protocols for Dogs, grab yourself a coffee as you will need to visit this website – it’s well worth the read.

If you have any other Health Matters that you would like ScottieHealth to research, or if you have your own story to share, please contact me.

I would like to thank our Facebook friend : Encontro de Branquelos for bringing this article to my attention.


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