Firstly, a big Thank You to all our new “likes” and “followers” – much appreciated.

Secondly, a reminder that we are still looking for “Scottie Noses” to add to our Facebook Page Album entitled “Black Nose Days” – so if you have photos of your Scotties’ beautiful black noses and you want to share them, please send them to us:

Thirdly, “One Word Wednesday” is the place to post your photos where the description is probably self evident and is a single word only, but lets other readers add their own “one word” – again, you can post directly onto the facebook page, or send photo to

Fourthly (is there no end to this!) On a Friday we like to cheer ourselves up so we have a “Friday Funnies” series. Again, you can post directly to the Facebook Page, but if you would like your “Funny” to have a prominent place on the FB Page, it will be best to send it to us  : and we can load it up.

And finally, “Weekend Walkies” is a collection of photos depicting your favourite walks. If you want to contribute to this series it will be much better to send your photos directly to us so that we can load them onto the Facebook Page Album for others to enjoy. We are also running a similar series once a month here on the webpage called “Scampering Scotties“. Choices, choices. Whichever one you decide to contribute to, just send your photos, and description of your walk to

And finally ….. again! Don’t feel inhibited about only sending one photo to any of these “series'” , please, feel free to keep contributing. This website and the facebook page is about the sharing of all things Scottie-tude, about Making a Difference for Scotties and if you can bring cheer to those suffering bouts of illness, then your photos will have achieved something.


Our Scotties really do need to hear from you .....

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