Finlay at the Beach

As mentioned on the Facebook Page, we did actually get to the beach. Here’s a little clip of Finlay, with his mad brother Bobby. Finlay is the little chappie running towards me at one stage. Although he thoroughly enjoyed the day, we think he was totally exhausted by the time we’d walk just one way and he had to be carried all the way back. At the car he was trembling quite severely, but we wrapped him in a fleecy blanket, rubbed him and kept him warm till he stopped trembling then treated him to some freshly cooked fish – which he wolfed down and then wanted more!

We’ve spent the last couple of days recuperating. He’s quite hungry but will only eat freshly roasted chicken! – the cheeky monkey – so I have to keep going out to buy some. He’s worth it; I’d rather he have an appetite than not.

He’s wearing his “power suit” as one of our friend re-named it and thankfully he is still “peeing” a lot, although there is some evidence of blood in the urine.

A 2nd order has been placed for Apocaps and we thought we’d also ordered some mushrooms from Im-Yunity, but something went wrong with our order, so we’ll try that one again soon. Another of our friends is responding well with this medication.

He still wants his morning fuss, but is not so demanding as before, however I still make sure that his morning ritual is carried out.

We’ll have another relaxing day but, if the weather is kind to us, we might just pop out to our local reservoir for a gentle stroll.


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