Probiotics – finally the traditional veterinary community have caught on – with positive results. Dr Karen Becker once again comes to our rescue with a detailed report into how probiotics can help. But it’s not just any probiotic – I don’t think we all need run off to the supermarkets to get a pot of yoghurt – the right probiotics are required for our canine companions.

We all know that “what you put in …. comes out” and in some cases this could be your first indication of things going awry. Just like us humans, our pets digestive system must stay populated with a healthy level of good bacteria.

Laboratory studies have shown animals raised either without colonies of friendly bacteria in the gut, or who have a poor balance of good-to-bad gut bacteria, are at high risk of developing disease.

It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that the veterinary community decided to take a look into probiotics, having firstly believed that they were ineffective and a waste of money. In fact, the overwhelming research conclusion was probiotics are not only effective, but help pets recover from illness faster and with fewer complications.

It would certainly be a good idea to grab a cup/mug or in my case a pot of coffee, click on the link below and have a read yourself of Dr Beckers findings.


One Simple Step to Radically Boost Your Pets Immune System.


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