Food, glorious food ….

Animals MUST consume foods they were designed to eat.

Most pet food is biologically inappropriate for dogs and cats.

Commercial pet food has only been around for about 100 years.

What would happen if you tried to feed a snake grain, corn or vegetation?  They would simply die, demonstrating rather visibly and quickly that they were not provided the correct food source.

Dogs and cats are among the most resilient animals on the planet. They are able to withstand really significant nutritional abuse, in my opinion, without dying. Degeneration does occur as the result of an inappropriate diet, but sudden death does not.

So one of the reasons we’ve been able to deceive ourselves into believing convenience pet foods are good for dogs and cats is because they don’t die immediately of acute starvation. For a hundred years our pets have been fed inappropriate diets that have kept them alive, but far from thriving like their wild relatives. Instead, we’ve created dozens of generations of nutritionally weakened animals that suffer from degenerative diseases linked to nutritional deficiencies – a link the traditional veterinary community has not acknowledged.

I purposefully extracted some hard-hitting sentences from this article by Dr Karen Becker – it’s a real eye opener – which you should read. Since being advised by more knowledgeable people than me on the subject of appropriate diets I have slowly started changing the foods I now feed to my scottie boys. All their meat is bought from my village butcher and although I’ve not yet dived into  “raw food” I do make sure that the quality of meat they eat is of the highest standard. Even though they are carnivores I do feed them vegetables as scientifically researched by Purdue University. I also make my own doggie biscuits. They smell so delicious when they are baking that my husband thought I was baking cakes for us!

Anyway, go grab that cup or coffee, or glass of wine (depending on what time it is where you are!) and take a read of Dr Beckers article. She has a couple more to come, which I’ll bookmark and upload when they are available.

Please remember not everything published here may be appropriate for you or your scottie – we try to bring wide ranging articles, advice and information for your consideration. We also endeavour to balance articles by providing “alternative arguments” where possible. 

Our Scotties really do need to hear from you .....

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