Following on from yesterday’s post courtesy of “Terrierman’s Daily Dose”, I began reading other articles and came across this one by Dr Karen Becker. This article though concentrates on vaccinations. The findings here horrify me because I’m roped into getting my Scotties vaccinated each and every year simply because I insure them! I plan to tackle this issue with some Insurance companies, so watch this space and lets see what I’m able to unravel.

These are the main topics Dr Becker will be covering, but please, take a look at the full article as it addresses much much more. When it Comes to Vaccinating Your Pet Less is More.

1. There is no scientific evidence that annual vaccines are necessary, and in fact once animals achieve immunity from their initial vaccines, they appear to have immunity that lasts for many years, and often for life, without boosters.

2. There is growing alarm that overvaccination appears to be causing a multitude of serious medical problems, particularly with the immune system, including allergies, seizures, anemia and cancer.

3. Vaccines are a very profitable part of veterinary care — in fact, some vet practices are built around them. Long-term studies of animal immunity would require a substantial outlay of money — the kind of money that only the drug companies have, andBig Pharma is much more interested in selling more vaccines than challenging the need for them.

There’s plenty more reading on vaccinations and I have an article to share that includes comments from current practising Vets, but I’ll leave you with just this one for the time being.

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2 responses to “Vaccinations

  1. Isn’t this so frustrating? I was not aware of how much more proactive I need to be when it comes to Taylor’s medical care until I became a dog blogger and began learning from wonderful individuals like yourself! I now know that I should not rely on what the vet says 100% of the time. What a sad statement to say, right?

    • It certainly is sad. The stuff I’ve read up on concerning vaccinations and food supported by the Vets is very distressing. My aim during the forthcoming weeks is to chat with the Insurance companies regarding vaccinations. My Scotties are insured but for a claim to be valid I have to prove that they’ve been vaccinated annually! I wonder if the Insurance companies are aware of some health issues associated with vaccinations? I’ll soon find out!

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