Woo hoo!

P1060259Now, I don’t really want to temp fate, but today has been a GOOD day for Finlay. He had breakfast, a tablet, then at the proper time his 3 Apocaps; went for a “stroll”; had a little lunch; spent the afternoon in the garden minus his belly band, with me and Bobby, snoozing away in the afternoon sun; had his other painkiller tablet plus some chicken around 4pm; and now just had a bowl of chicken for his dinner! Phew. I know …. he won’t get better, but whilst he’s enjoying life that’s good enough for me and we’ll take each day as it comes.

We’re back at the Vets on Thursday, not sure whether he’ll have a bladder scan or whether it’s just a follow up – but I’ll keep you all informed.


12 responses to “Woo hoo!

  1. Can’t tell how good it is to hear of his good days. I hope he has many more afternoons in the sunshine 🙂

    • Thanks so much Bill. From what I’ve read the prognosis is pretty short-lived, but we’re doing our best to try to extend but enhance his last few months. The summer is fast approaching here in the UK, so yes, lets hope there are more afternoons in the sunshine.

  2. So happy he had a good day today…I have been there with my first Scottie, “Scout” , his good days we all enjoyed, his bad days we all shared…..Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers….

    • Ahh Terri, so sorry to read about Scout. Seems like we’re doing just the same here. Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts. You’re prayers are truly welcome.

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