On Saturday we all went to Clumber Park. You may have noticed a post with pictures. What I didn’t mention was that whilst passing by a young couple with a very large dog (Leonberger type) she very loudly muttered “ridiculous”. I very nearly stopped and challenged her. When she sees a human being, being pushed, carried, wheeled or helped, does she think “oh my, how sad” or think “I feel so sorry for them” or, “I trust there’s hope for that person” or would she automatically think without any understanding of why that human is in that condition loudly mutter “ridiculous”.

So, why do you think she should mutter “ridiculous” when walking past me with my scottie in a stroller. She knows nothing about why he’s having to be pushed. She’s brave enough to mutter “ridiculous” but not humane enough to ask why.

Everyone I’ve come across this last week or so, may have had a smile or a smirk on their faces as they approached us, but all had the courtesy to ask why. Not one muttered “ridiculous”. When I explained the reason, every single one of them had some compassion for my boy’s plight. One young man, a road digger, was horrified that Finlay couldn’t be cured. Now, as I approached him and his team of workers I expected a bit of “banter” and laughter. But he hopped out of his van, and moved aside the road cones to allow us to walk safely in the middle of the road, whilst at the same time asking me about my scottie boy. It was at this point he asked “he’s not going to die is he?” I could see how it affected him – he wished me a good day and hoped my boy wouldn’t suffer too much. Not what I expected at all. Of the two I would have expected the young man to be more “rude” than the young woman who actually owned a dog!

This “Stroller” give us freedom. My boys are from the same litter. They have known each other all their lives. They eat, sleep, play and walk together. The only time they get out separately is if one needs to visit the vets and the other doesn’t. And when this occurs I have to “pretend” that one is going into the front garden, whilst secretly putting him in the back of the car. They have never been separated. So I couldn’t possibly take Bobby out on a walk and leave Finlay, alone in the house, wondering where we’d gone.

Freedom: Freedom for both boys. Bobby gets to run on his walks; release his energies and Finlay get to shed his “belly band” and go “commando”.

Yes, if I was Paris Hilton, with a chihuahua dressed up in bling and being carried around in a Louis Vuitton bag and me in 5 inch stilettos walking around a country park I would expect to be laughed at and called “ridiculous”. But one dog in a stroller and the other running about normally – surely with a bit of intelligence “that young woman” should have put two and two together and realised there was something wrong with one of the dogs!

Anyway, although it bothered me at the time, I know that, yes, we might give rise to a smile or two, but so long as my boys are getting out and about, that’s all that counts.

How have you coped with the smirks. Any advice much appreciated.


11 responses to “Ridiculous

  1. First, Karen, you have to say a little prayer for the woman’s dog. I find that those who are quick to judge, lack a little character and probably alot of their humanity. Add a dash of ignorance and you end up with an ill bred person. I wouldn’t give her much thought as she is clearly not worth it. I would say a prayer for her and put it behind me.

  2. I do not think I would have been as kind to the woman who made the comment…Having gone through this ourselves, a stroller would have been a blessing his last few weeks….I shall keep you and Finlay in my prayers…know that my Scottie will be there to greet him when he crosses over the bridge 🙂 Hugs and kisses to Fin

    • Your are right Terrier. My heart was pounding as I she walked passed and muttered “ridiculous”. However, we were there for Fin and Bob.But next time …. It’ll be different!. Let me know your Scotties name so that I can tell Finlay.

      • His name is Scout, Finlay will see him, he will be the one jumping up and down the highest to greet a fellow Scottie ! He was a such a Grand ol’ Scottie who left us much too early…

  3. I had a rescue Scottie that was ‘wobbly’. Harriet was the sweetest Scottie but kids use to laugh at her and me because I carried her. I use to put her down to do her business. I kept Harriet for as long as I could but when her time came although it broke my heart I did what was best for Harriet. You keep him for as long as possible and take no notice of such ignorant people. It made me angry and I could have quite easily slapped these people!!! X

    • It is so sad that people don’t respect other sentient animals. I sometimes wish they would swap places, just for a day, so that they could understand. It sounds like Harriet also had a wonderful and loving family supporting her through her illness, I’m sorry that Harriet is gone, and that I never got to know her. Much love, Karen x

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  5. I would not have been able to contain myself, 1 because I am also a Scottie owner, her name is (Pepsi Too) and 2 because I am from Philly. How dare she make such a comment without an ounce of knowledge. One day the shoe may be on the other foot and then how will she feel about the comments?? I love the strollers they have brought out for pets. It beats a wagon and allows you a lot more freedom. They also allow you to take your unvaccinated pup out to be socialized properly without the constant worry of them coming into contact with infected feces or animals. tor Finn. May some sense beknocked into those who are senseless and ignorant

  6. The two individuals involved you and your pup know the whole situation. There is really no need to listen or explain to strangers. Keep on rolling! I bet your pups look forward to their “walk” every day!!!

  7. I feel the same way. I don’t understand how people are so quick to judge others. I’ve gotten snide remarks mumbled under breaths, smirks and eye rolls from many. My favorite is to hear “why is she spoiled?”, “why does the other have to walk and not ride?” and lastly “lucky girl” to which I quickly reply “you can think of this as her wheelchair!!”. That quickly shuts the rudeness up immediately. Then you can see the shame in their eyes and some have responded “oh, I’m sorry.” I can’t help but to be protective and reactive at people that lack compassion. Guess it’s the momma bear in me. Our babies didn’t ask to have these ailments and we are doing the best for them to allow them some quality of life.

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