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It’s only four months ago that Scottish Terrier Health Network was “formed”. To me it seems like I’ve known you all for “ever”. The sharing of  information vital to the health of our Scotties is outstanding. The willingness of each and every one of you to help  others in need is humbling. I believe that the momentum will continue. Although we are making ripples where it matters, the intention is not to provoke and cause confrontation. Many of us are well aware of the declining health and shortness of life our scotties are currently undergoing – the intention is to alter that course and breed healthier, longer-lived Scotties. And to meet this end, we all need to get involved, from Vets, Breeders, “Show Dog Folks” and the Pet Owner. We all play our own specific roles and if we don’t amend our ways, it will be all of us to blame for the loss of this beautiful breed. Together though we are Making A Difference for our Scotties, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support.

Coming Up …
  • Announcement of our “Scottie Health Awareness Day”
  • May 2013 is Pet Awareness Month in the US (the UK celebrated it during April) – so we’ll be gathering suitable articles
  • We’ll also continue to bring Scottie related health matters to your attention
  • And also general canine health matters that our Scotties can benefit from

We’re still keen to hear from you so please, email us – we look forward to sharing “Your Stories”.



3 responses to “Coming up …..

  1. I believe that I sent you a video of our Mac having his teeth brushed.  Let me know if you no longer have it if you are interested.

    Russ Namie Pennsylvania, USA

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