Ruffles de Scottie

Ruffles, our very very dear facebook friend, is living healthily with bladder cancer. See her story here, recorded by her devoted “human staff” as Ruffles calls them. Ruffles and her ‘Staff’ having also been helping me and Finlay with our challenge to “live” with bladder cancer, rather than “dying” from it and together with Judi Trovato and a horde of Scottie Health networkers, we are all helping each other overcome these crises.


9 responses to “Ruffles de Scottie

    • I’m so sorry for the late reply – my staff has been rather slack lately. The song is “Catch my breath” by Kelly Clarkson. Thanks for your support!

  1. Please, anyone with a Scott with cancer please consider starting your Scott on an aspirin (low dose) regimen. Google “aspirin prevents cancer” and you will pull up articles on how low dose aspirin inhibits tumors. I’ve had 2 Scots die of cancer. I started my new Scot on baby aspirin twice a week, and the huge mole on his forehead is now a faint bump. Editors, please consult your veterinarians and put the word out!!!

  2. Oh, what a touching and beautiful video!! So much positivity!! I’m crying with joy as I’m typing this! Ruffles, you and your mommy are such as inspiration to all of us as dog parents and as human beings!!

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