New Bladder Cancer Research

Breaking News : Deborah Knapp, the Dolores L. McCall Professor of Comparative Oncology at Purdue University, has received a grant from the Animal Cancer Foundation for a two-year study on bladder cancer therapy.

(Full report here)

The study is designed to develop a new drug therapy for both dogs and people with a deadly form of bladder cancer. Invasive urinary bladder cancer, or more specifically invasive transitional cell carcinoma (InvTCC), kills more than 14,000 people and an estimated 20,000 dogs annually in the United States, according to the ACF.

Urinary Bladder Cancer Research. Urinary bladder cancer has been a focus of research efforts in the PCOP for many years. The outlook for dogs with this cancer has improved substantially, and successful work in dogs is being translated into humans.

learn-canine-bladder-cancerMany of us are already aware of the alarming numbers of Scotties suffering from TCC, but for those of you unfortunately just embarking on this route, click on this image to learn more about Canine Bladder Cancer

This currently funded research is going to take a couple of years before any real answers are forthcoming – it won’t help my beloved boy Finlay, but what it will do is give hope to those Scotties of the future.

And who know’s …… by that time, perhaps this little Network of Scottie lovers will have made some inroads into making sure that those of us continuing to breed, do so with the health and welfare of the Scottie in mind.

Lets continue to “Make a Difference” for our Scotties.


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